DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!

I’m so excited to FINALLY share this project with you! I had planned on posting it last weekend, but a major case of mastitis knocked me out of commission 🙁 I’m on the mend now, so here it is!

First a note: If you add up all the products I used on this project that I list below, it will add up to more than $20.  You might wonder how I can call it a $20 makeover if all the supplies cost more than that, right?  I only spent $20 out of pocket.  I am a part of my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, and was given a lot of supplies from very generous members of my community to complete the project.  If you want to find your local Buy Nothing group or start one, check out for all the details and how it works!  Anyway, I’ll break it all down for you as I go and note which thing I actually bought and what was gifted.

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!


Here is the before picture of the kitchen.  I was gifted this by a mom on my local Buy Nothing group for free.  She warned me that it needed some TLC, but the “bones” were there and that’s all I cared about, so I snatched it up 🙂  It definitely needed new paint, but it was also missing a few things, like the towel bar, some knobs, the plexiglass in the microwave and oven, the play phone, and the sink basin.  Before starting any of the painting, we used Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean it up (I use them for EVERYTHING!).  It took the marker drawing off really well and cleaned the dirt very easily.

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!


What We Used:

So I had decided I wanted to do a gray/white/black color scheme with an accent color.  I asked my Facebook friends for ideas, and we decided on a really dark, modern purple. But when I went to several paint stores and couldn’t find a color that I liked, we settled on Sugar Plum (68OB-&) from Behr.  I bought two sample sizes for $3 each (total of $6) at Home Depot and used it for the stove and dishwasher doors, as well as the towel rod holders.  There’s still some left over, which I’m going to use for some accents in the future.  Like small hooks for hanging the girls’ aprons and things.

The freezer and refrigerator doors, as well as the oven panel and the stove burners, are painted with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint.  I was able to borrow this spray paint from a member of Buy Nothing, so my cost was $0!

I love that the girls will be able to draw on it as they wish 🙂  And since we painted over the images of dishwasher buttons, we’ll be able to draw some on with chalkboard pens if we want to in the future.

All the handles, knobs & hooks, as well as the towel bar, faucet & microwave door, are painted with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, Aluminum.  This is another paint I was able to borrow from a member of Buy Nothing, so my cost was $0!

The gray chevron (which I’m obsessed with!) isn’t actually paint at all!  It’s actually self-adhesive shelf liner by Macbeth Collection

You can buy it at Sur La Table, but Amazon is cheaper at around $10. I spent $10.99 on it, and it’s the most expensive part of the whole project!  It came in a pack of 2 large rolls, and I only used a small rectangle, so I have a TON left.  I plan on using it to cover the panels on my daughter’s IKEA KURA bed when I redo it in the future.

We did do a fresh coat of white primer all over the main part of the kitchen to give it a nice clean coat.  That was also something I was able to borrow from a member of Buy Nothing, so my cost was $0! 

I used a regular roll-on primer, but I’d recommend using a spray paint + primer like Krylon ‘Dual’ Gloss White Paint and Primer.  I think it gives a nicer finish then using a brush or roller.

When all the painting was done and dry, we coated all of it (except the chalkboard pieces) with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Clear Spray Paint to seal and protect it from rambunctious little girls 🙂  We already had this spray paint from another project, so my cost was $0!

So if you’ve been adding up the money spent so far, you should be at $16.99 between the 2 paint samples and the chevron shelf liner.  Here are the rest of the things we did on this kitchen makeover and what they cost:

– My father-in-law had an extra piece of plexiglass he cut to fit the stove window opening and my husband attached it.  So my cost was $0!

(we chose not to put any in the microwave door, because we plan to remove the door and put my daughter’s toy microwave in it’s place)– There was a stove knob missing and an oven knob missing.  We rearranged the knobs and purchased two generic wood knobs like these at Fred Meyer for $2.

– We purchase a dowel for the towel rod for $.75 at Fred Meyer as well!

– The toy phone we chose not to replace and I’m going to paint a picture frame with the leftover Sugar Plum paint to hang where the phone would have gone.

The ONLY thing that we still need to find is a kitchen sink!  I’ve tried every container in our house and none fit the space.  Do you have any suggestions?  If we can’t find one, we might build one in with wood.

So, added all up, we spent under $20 at $19.74!  That includes the kitchen to begin with!  I’m so happy with how it turned out and the girls love it!

Here are some extra shots of the inside and my oldest enjoying it:

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!

DIY Modern Play Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $20!

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  1. Wow that looks great! I love the little lights.

    • Thrifty Family Finds says:

      Thanks, Melissa! It was a lot of fun to redo! 🙂

      Ally @ Thrifty Family Finds