Simple DIY Painted Handprint Mason Jar Tutorial!

  I’m really into homemade gifts and crafts for each holiday.  However, with two young kids, the crafts need to be quick and easy so I can actually complete them in between crises like “Mama, Emma’s eating the garbage!” and “Mama, I peed in the laundry basket!” Last year my Mother’s Day craft was the […]

Pinterest Project: No-Sew Hair Clip Organizer! An Easy DIY Gift!

My daughter C is just starting to care about “hair pretties,” as she calls them.  Rather than keeping them in a box, I thought I’d create a simple hair clip organizer to hang on her wall.  It only took me about 30 minutes and I used things I already had around the house, so it […]

Pinterest Project: Healthy Halloween Snacks For Kids! (And Adults, Too!)

Halloween was never my favorite holiday, but watching C experience it has been really fun this year.  I’ve tried to make it a month long celebration more focused on autumn than on ghosts and monsters.  So we checked out books from the library, collected leaves, visited the pumpkin patch/farm and more. Today we had some […]

Pinterest Project: Easy & Healthy Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream Or Fudgesicles!

I’m a big fan of summer.  I’m not a big fan of being pregnant in the summer, though.  I feel like I have an extra heater inside me and don’t like always feeling hot when it would normally be a comfortable temperature outside if I was pregnant! I’m also a big fan of ice cream.  […]

$6.49 For An Aqueduck Faucet Extender!

Today on Baby Half Off, you can get an Aqueduck Faucet Extender for just $6.49 + S&H!  This beats Amazon, which is the lowest place I’d found it before.  There are several color options, including clear.  There are also sets that include handle extenders as well, which help kids turn on the water by themselves. […]

Pinterest Project: DIY Faucet Extender

My 22-month-old is a water baby.  She would live in the bath/pool/sink for days if I let her.  And she’s always been that way.  As a baby, I would put her in one of those mesh infant bath loungers in the bathtub with me when I would shower.  She loved it, and would often get […]

Pinterest Project: Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub!

 Today is Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  I was thinking all week about what I could do for the moms and grandmas in our family for Mother’s Day.  I always love making gifts if I can, and I specifically wanted to do something that my 21 month old daughter, […]

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