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$10 Off Your First Order At ThredUp!

I hardly ever buy brand new clothes for my daughter.  There just isn’t a point!  She grows out of them so quickly, why pay full-price for something you could get at a consignment or thrift shop for much less?  And as much as I love thrift stores, I don’t always have the patience to sift through everything they have, especially while toting around my 1 year-old.

That’s where ThredUp comes into play.  It is one of my favorite ways to save money on kid’s clothes.  ThredUp is an online consignment shop for like new or new kids clothes!  There’s a wide variety of brands, styles and sizes to choose from, and they are meticulous about what they accept, so you know you are getting great quality items for a great price.  The best part?  If you refer a friend, you will get $10 in your account and they will too!  Shipping starts at $2.99 or free for orders over $50.  And it’s easy to get a ton of clothes for $50! Much more than you would by walking into a retail store!

Besides buying clothes, you can also send in bags of your child’s new or like new clothing and receive credit for it, like a consignment shop!

ThredUp gives you the savings of a consignment shop without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!  Right now you can get $10 off your first order by using coupon code THRED10 at checkout!  Happy saving!

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