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Amazon Wharehouse Deals: 12-Pack O.N.E. Coconut Water Just $12.36 Shipped!


I’ve been looking for a great deal on coconut water because, as some of you know, I’m nearing my due date with my 2nd baby, and coconut water is nature’s Gatorade 🙂  I drank a lot of it when I was in labor with my 1st, so as I have been packing my birth bag, I’ve been on the lookout for deals on coconut water.  Anyway, the Costco coupons that come in the mail arrived and had a $4 off coupon, so I was planning on getting it there.  But then I decided to check out Amazon, and what did I find in the wharehouse deals?  This AMAZING deal on O.N.E. Coconut Water!

  That makes this coconut water just $.09 per ounce!  This is a way better price then Trader Joe’s and Costco, the two places I normally buy it!  To put this price in perspective, the Subscribe & Save price for this same item is $17.711!

So this is a steal of a deal!

Don’t have Prime 2-Day Shipping?  You can sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon Student or Amazon Mom to try it out!

Note: Amazon prices change frequently.  Be sure to check the price at checkout before purchasing.

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