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Baby Signing Time Sets For $16.50!

We started teaching my daughter sign language at a very young age, and I’m so glad we did!  She knows over 200+ signs and is very vocal as well.  Sign language has really helped make it easy for us to communicate with her, even if she isn’t sure how to say what she’s thinking.

So how did we teach her sign language?  We used DVDs and books from the Baby Signing Time and Signing Time series by Two Little Hands Productions.  The DVDs are wonderful, full of songs and the characters have become friends to my daughter.  She even has a stuffed Hopkins (the frog in the show) that she loves to bring with her places.


There are four volumes in the Baby Signing Time Series.  Each volume bundle on BabyHalfOff includes the DVD, Sing-A-Long CD, Sign & Read Cards, and Board Book.  Pick one volume or get all four!  They are worth it!

Normally, these sets retail at $39.95, but today they are on sale for $16.50!  That is such a great price!  We already have these, but I will be picking up a few to have on hand for baby shower gifts!

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