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Baby Stella Doll Review + Savings!

For C’s first birthday, I wanted to get her a special doll that would serve her well as a 1-year-old, but would also be able to grow with her as she gets older.

fit the bill perfectly!  This adorable baby doll is soft and flexible for a little one to snuggle, but has life-like features and a magnetic pacifier as well.  Stella comes in a soft two-piece outfit, as well as wearing a cloth diaper.  C loves to help change Stella’s diaper.  She also likes to rock her and talk to her.  I’m hoping this doll will help prepare her a tiny bit for her new little sister’s arrival this summer!  🙂

The best part about Stella is that even though she’s a great doll for C right now, there are so many accessory options for her as C grows up.  There are outfits available for Stella, including a Halloween costume, and lots of accessories, like a stroller, diaper bag, potty, bath, etc.  There’s also different hair and skin color options for Stella, as well as a boy doll!  Can you tell we love Baby Stella at our house?  She’s a huge hit with both C and Mommy!  🙂

Right now, Amazon

has a lot of Stella dolls and accessories on sale!  Check out some of the best deals:


Regularly: $34.99

Sale: $20.76

Regularly: $34.99

Sale: $27.02


Regularly: $44.99

Sale: $30.53


Regularly: $29.99

Sale: $19.97


Regularly: $15.99

Sale: $11.94


Regularly: $34.99

Sale: $26.91

Note: Amazon prices change frequently.  Be sure to check the price at checkout before purchasing.

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