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Ebates: Earn Cashback On Your Online Purchases! I Just Received $30+ Cash Back!

If you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet, it’s the perfect time to do so with the holiday shopping season beginning!  Ebates is a company that gives cash back on your purchases at thousands of online retailers if you connect to the site through Ebates.

Getting started is simple!  Sign up here, and before shopping, make sure to visit Ebates to see if they offer cashback on the site you want to purchase from (example: earn 9% cash back at  Or better yet, install the Ebates Button and when you visit a site that Ebates offers cashback on, an activate button will pop up.  Click the button and continue with your purchase.  Your cashback will be recorded in your account after the purchase is complete and you will receive your money as a PayPal deposit at the end of the quarter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 12.34.11 AM

The green bar on top pops up when you visit a site with a cash back offer. Simply press the activate button and continue shopping to earn cash back!

I signed up for Ebates back in 2009, but I’d often forget to check it for cashback offers before ordering online.  The Ebates Button is SO helpful and does all the work for me.  I just got a payment of $31.43 for cashback on my last few purchases. Why not earn cashback on things I’m already buying?!

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