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EcoNuts: A New Way To Do Laundry For 6 Cents A Load!


I’ve tried a few different things to save money on laundry detergent over the years.  One time I used coupons and sales and paid $10 for detergent that lasted us 16 months (that deal hasn’t come around since!).  I’ve also tried making my own out of borax, washing soda and Dove sensitive skin soap.  Then I heard about a “new” method for cleaning laundry.

– Certified USDA Organic

– Fragrance Free

– Hypoallergenic

– Biodegradable

– Non-toxic

– Wild Harvested – meaning they are grown in the wild without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

– Since these are actually berries, not nuts, they are nut-allergy safe

-Safe for septic and grey water systems

– Works in both regular and HE machines

So how do you use them?  Put 4-5 EcoNuts

EcoNuts up to 10 times!  Just replace the EcoNuts when they start to break down with new ones.  It’s that simple!

I ordered a trial of EcoNuts after seeing it on Shark Tank, and I love them!  They are simple to use, highly effective, and my clothes are softer coming out of the wash.  I have very sensitive skin and so does my daughter.  These didn’t affect our skin at all, unlike some detergents have, even the hypoallergenic ones.

Not only are they a great product, but they are significantly cheaper than traditional detergents.  Right now on Amazon

360-Load Box of EcoNuts Organic Laundry Soap

If you want to try them out before purchasing a large box, you can order a 10 Load Trial Size Box

EcoNuts website.

Note: Amazon prices change frequently.  Be sure to check the price at checkout before purchasing.

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