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EcoNuts: A New Way To Do Laundry For 6 Cents A Load!


I’ve tried a few different things to save money on laundry detergent over the years.  One time I used coupons and sales and paid $10 for detergent that lasted us 16 months (that deal hasn’t come around since!).  I’ve also tried making my own out of borax, washing soda and Dove sensitive skin soap.  Then I heard about a “new” method for cleaning laundry.

I first saw EcoNuts on the ABC show Shark Tank.  I had never heard of any type of soap nuts before, but now that I’m more aware, I realize they are quite popular in the “natural” realm.  Soap nuts are actually a type of berry that produce soap naturally, called saponin.  They are effective at cleaning and getting rid of dirt, but very gentle on clothes, which helps clothes last longer.  Here are the highlights of EcoNuts


– Certified USDA Organic

– Fragrance Free

– Hypoallergenic

– Biodegradable

– Non-toxic

– Wild Harvested – meaning they are grown in the wild without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

– Since these are actually berries, not nuts, they are nut-allergy safe

-Safe for septic and grey water systems

– Works in both regular and HE machines

So how do you use them?  Put 4-5 EcoNuts

into the provided wash bag and pull closed.  Throw it in the washer and wash clothes normally.  Pull out the wash bag before putting clothes into the dryer.  You can reuse the same 4-5 

EcoNuts up to 10 times!  Just replace the EcoNuts when they start to break down with new ones.  It’s that simple!

I ordered a trial of EcoNuts after seeing it on Shark Tank, and I love them!  They are simple to use, highly effective, and my clothes are softer coming out of the wash.  I have very sensitive skin and so does my daughter.  These didn’t affect our skin at all, unlike some detergents have, even the hypoallergenic ones.

Not only are they a great product, but they are significantly cheaper than traditional detergents.  Right now on Amazon

you can get a

for just $24.48 + FREE 2-day shipping for Prime Members!  This is an even better deal than the manufacturer is selling them for!  That works out to just $.06 per load!  Even Costco deals can’t come close to that price!

If you want to try them out before purchasing a large box, you can order a 10 Load Trial Size Box

for just $3.69, although this is an Add-On Item, so you would need to purchase a qualifying $25 purchase to order it through them.  You can also order a trial pack through the

EcoNuts website.

Note: Amazon prices change frequently.  Be sure to check the price at checkout before purchasing.

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