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Free Digital Scrapbooking Program + Free Premium Trial Offer!


When I was younger, my mom and sister and I got really into scrapbooking.  I loved putting together my memories in a unique way, and it is always fun to create something.  But scrapbooking can be so time consuming and costly, not to mention you actually have to have your photos printed.  I usually only print pictures these days if they are going up on the wall!

is a FREE, digital scrapbooking program for your computer or smartphone.  It allows you to easily create digital Scrapbooks, Collages, eCards & Invitations, Slideshows, and more.  You can even easily create a custom Facebook Cover Photo.  And you can share these creations through email, on your blog, or on your Facebook page for FREE!

Not only does Smilebox

give you the ability to digitally share your memories with the free program, they also have a Premium Option called

Club Smilebox that is totally worth the money!

Club Smilebox offers these great benefits:

  1. Unlimited Premium Designs

  2. Share your creations full-screen without ads

  3. Print your creations!

  4. Choose from 2,000 songs or your own music

  5. Burn DVDs or save to video or photo frame (my favorite option!)

  6. Unlimited storage for shared creations

  7. New Premium designs weekly

Club Smilebox  costs $5.99/month, or you can prepay $39.99 for the whole year, which comes out to $3.33/month!  But right now you can try Club Smilebox for Free for 14 days!

Simply install the FREE Smilebox program on your PC or Mac.  Once you have completed the setup process, the program will ask if you would like to try Club Smilebox for 14 days for Free!  If you want to try out Club Smilebox

, simply fill out the information and sign up.

You will need to enter a valid credit card for the trial offer, but you can cancel at anytime before the trial is up, or even afterwards at any time.

If you just want to use the free program, you can just click “No Thanks” to skip the trial.  It’s that easy!

Tip: When deals like this come up and I want to enroll in a trial offer or subscription program, I always add an event in my calendar on my phone with the customer service number/cancellation information and set the reminder for a few days before the last day to cancel.  This allows me to try things without worry of forgetting to cancel!

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