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*HOT* 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Organic Meats For 64% Off! Save Up To $201!


Today AmazonLocal has a HOT deal on 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Organic Meats Combo Packs from American Farmers Network!  I’m so excited about this deal, and will be stocking my freezer with these meats!  It’s very expensive to buy 100% grass-fed beef and organic meats that are humanely raised!  With this deal, you can save 64% (up to $201)! And all of the meats come individually packaged, so you can just pull out whatever amount you need without wasting any!

Here are the combo options:

  1. $99 ($273 value) for Family Combo package: filet mignons, top sirloins, chuck steaks, flat iron steaks, steak burgers, sliders, and chicken breasts

  2. $129 ($312 value) for Fall Celebration package: bacon-wrapped filet mignons, New York strips, London broil steaks, pork chops, bacon steak burgers, bacon sliders, and beef bratwurst

  3. $149 ($350 value) for Halloween Party package: filet mignons, rib-eye steaks, New York strips, top sirloins, cubed steaks, steak burgers, beef hot dogs, and beef bratwurst

  4. Premium beef raised on 100% grass diet by small family farmers, ensuring that the final product is traceable, healthy, and as nutritious as possible

  5. Preservative and gluten free

  6. No antibiotics or growth hormones

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