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How Your Local Library Can Save You Money

I’m a big fan of local libraries. And not just because my mom and sister both work at them and love their jobs!

A lot of people think libraries just house books, but more than that, they offer audio books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and free use of the Internet and printing services (a certain amount each day).

Many library systems offer online catalogs, so you don’t even need to go to the library to find the books. Simply sign in online, look up the books you want, place holds on them, and when they arrive at your local library, you get an email/phone call letting you know so you can pick them up! With the death of most video rental stores, this is a great resource for those who don’t subscribe to an online service like Netflix, or can’t find a particular video in their local Redbox.

Some libraries even offer books and audiobooks that can be directly downloaded to your own Kindle or iPod, depending on the device specifications. No need to ever leave your home!

One way I’ve been utilizing this resource is by checking out work out DVDs. I saw a yoga DVD in a magazine that I wanted to try, so instead of going out and buying it right from the start, I went online and requested the DVD be sent to my local library! That way, I can try it out and when I change up my routine, I haven’t wasted any money doing so!

Libraries also provide different classes and events, depending on your area. Our local library offers story time each week, separated by age-appropriate groups. Its completely free and a great way to get out of the rain and have some fun!

And think about it: Since your tax dollars already pay for the library, why not get your money’s worth?


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