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Mommy Tips: How To Preserve Memories For Busy Moms!

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Mommy Tips are just what they sound like – tips for Mommies!  These can be about anything relating to mommies.  I’ll start out with my own tips, but I would love to have tips sent in by readers that I can share with everyone!  We can all learn from each other!


As a child, I loved going through my baby book and reading what my mom had written.  It made me feel loved.  When I had my daughter, C, I vowed to stay up-to-date on her baby book.  I did a pretty good job for the first 12 months, but then I turned the page to update 13 months, and there wasn’t a page for it!  You know, babies do keep growing after 12 months!  Why wouldn’t there be a 13 month page?

So, I had to think of another way to preserve my memories of C.  I want her to be able to have a portal to look back to her early years and see what she was like, and more importantly, how loved she was and still is.  But honestly, it can be really difficult to remember all the funny stories and memories that have happened in a month when you actually sit down to write them out.  So how can busy moms keep the memories preserved for their children when life gets crazy, and sitting down to update a book is not really on the forefront of their mind?

I was contemplating this same thing after some funny things happened with C that I wanted to remember.  I was out and about and didn’t have a place to write down the story, so I emailed it to myself from my phone.  Genius, right?!  I was so excited about this!  But a month later, I hadn’t done anything with the email I’d sent myself, and it was buried somewhere in my inbox under hundreds of others I’d received since then.  I decided I would create a unique email address for C.  Of course, she isn’t 13 or whatever the legal age is, so it is in my name, but the email address is used solely for me to email memories, accomplishments, stories, pictures, and anything else I want to remember about C.  It has worked out so well!  I can email right from my smartphone, so I can send the memories as soon as they happen and not forget about them.

So, you might be wondering what I do with all those emails I send?  Are they just sitting there out in cyberspace until C is old enough to want to access them?  Nope.  Each year I make a custom photo book for C with photos and memories from the year.  So having everything that has happened in a year easily accessible in the email account makes it easy to compile!

Do you have a Mommy Tip you’d like to share with Thrifty Family Finds’ readers?  Email me at or use the Contact Us tab to submit them!

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