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Pinterest Project: DIY Faucet Extender

My 22-month-old is a water baby.  She would live in the bath/pool/sink for days if I let her.  And she’s always been that way.  As a baby, I would put her in one of those mesh infant bath loungers in the bathtub with me when I would shower.  She loved it, and would often get so relaxed she would doze off.


C asleep in the shower.

Anyway, my water baby is now obsessed with washing her hands.  I can’t complain that she actually wants to wash her hands, but as I’m 8 months pregnant with significant pain from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, my physical therapist doesn’t want me picking C up.  And since C can barely reach the faucet, even with a stool, I turned to Pinterest for a solution.


First, I came across the Aqueduck Faucet Extender.  Right now on Amazon, it’s on sale for $11.05 + Prime Shipping, regularly $15.  That isn’t an outrageous price, but being the frugal gal that I am, I wanted to find a DIY solution that would cost less.

I found so many tutorials on Pinterest for DIY Faucet Extenders that I was a little overwhelmed.  But a quick trip to Target made this DIY project easy.  I found this set of measuring scoops for $1.99 in the kitchen gadget section and knew the shape would work well.


I simply snipped off the handle to the right length and attached the scoop end to the faucet using a strong rubber band.  It works like a charm.  Eventually I’d like to get a clear zip-tie to make it a little less ugly than that blue rubber band, but for now it isn’t a big deal.



Note: Because of the angle of our faucet, the scoop wouldn’t fully drain once the water was turned off, so my husband drilled a little hole in the center of the scoop, and now it drains well!

I’ve seen a ton of different tutorials for making a faucet extender, so you probably have things around the house you could use if you don’t want to go out and buy anything.  I was ok spending the $1.99 on these scoops (the rest of the set are now in C’s kitchen toys).

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