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Shark Tank Product Review: Zipit Bedding Sets! No More Messy Beds!

Disclosure: Zipit did not pay me or compensate me for this review in any way.  I won this bedding set through a contest on their Facebook page and upon receiving it and loving it, independently decided to review their product.  The opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

Zipit Bedding Set Review

I absolutely love watching the show Shark Tank.  And I’ve found a few products/companies on the show that I’ve actually tried and love.

I found and tried Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap from watching the show.  They are soap nuts and they work so well and they’re much cheaper than laundry detergent!

I also tried Plated, a meal delivery service.  They send you ingredients and detailed instructions for delicious chef-created meals.  I’m planning on posting about that experience soon! 🙂

My most recent favorite product from Shark Tank is the bedding by Zipit Bedding.  It’s a fitted sheet with a comforter that’s attached by zippers up the sides.  It’s a mix between a bed set and a sleeping bag.  It works SO well on my daughter’s loft bed!  There’s no bulky comforter to try and push down the sides as it zips on the top edge of the fitted sheet.  Does that make sense?  Take a look this picture for a visual:

Zipit Bedding Set Review

We have a thinner IKEA mattress, and Zipit bedding fits well and doesn’t slip off.

Isn’t this genius?  My 2.5-year-old loves the zippers and can easily zip them up herself.  She can easily make her bed and I don’t have to look at a messy bed when I peek into her room now.  And there are zipper pockets on each side of the fitted sheet that can hold a small flashlight, remote, chapstick, etc.  What I really love about this set is how easy it is to wash!  Just zip up the sides and wash it all as one piece.  So simple!

I highly recommend heading over to the Zipit Facebook Page and liking them.  I actually won this bed set by answering a riddle they posted there and was the first with the correct response.  They shipped it out quickly and it was on my doorstep just a couple days later.

Currently sets come in Twin or Full size.  I’ve noticed on their Facebook page that a lot of people are asking for Queen and King sizes, so maybe those will be available in the future.  Twin sets are $49.99 + shipping & handling.  Full sets are $59.99 + shipping & handling.  Each set comes with a matching reversible pillow case.  They are worth every penny!

The only drawback is that there are only 6 styles to choose from, although each comforter is reversible (and glow-in-the-dark on one side).  I wasn’t thrilled with the choices.  I’m more into neutrals for our home,  but I chose the “Sweet Stuff” set, as it seemed the most toddler-friendly print.  And I will say that it was cuter than I thought it would be when we received it. Charlotte was so excited when it came in the mail and couldn’t wait for it to come out of the wash so she could try it out.  It fit well and still looks brand new after several months and frequent washings.

It’s understandable for a young company like Zipit to stick to a small number of styles.  I just can’t wait until there are more choices.  Hopefully a grey or lavender and white chevron print is in the works?  Or a black and white damask print?  What would you like to see from this company in the future?

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