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Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish Review + Exclusive 30% OFF Coupon Code!


Back in May, I posted about a Zulily deal on Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish. I was excited to try something I could feel safe putting on my little one’s nails, and purchased the set pictured above for my almost 2-year-old (they do make colors better suited for adults – I’ll get to that later).

I’ve got to say, after trying it, I’m a huge fan of Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish!  Not only is it non-toxic and free of traditional ingredients, it works!  What do I mean by “it works”?  With my squirmy little one, I made a mess of putting it on her nails.  But the polish easily washed off her skin with just water, but has stayed on her nails for over 2 weeks!  In addition, it dried SO QUICKLY!  That was a definite plus as I didn’t want C running around the house with wet nails!  Also, the colors were very true to the pictures, and vibrant!  C actually wakes up in the morning and points at the colors on her toes and talks about them 🙂

So what makes Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish a great alternative to regular polishes?  Here is the explanation of the difference between traditional polishes and the Sprout brand, straight from their Etsy shop page:

Solvent based nail polish can contain phthalates, toluene, acetone, benzene, ethyl alcohol, and/or formaldehyde which are absorbed by your body. Formaldehyde has been linked to lung and nasal cancer, and is considered a know carcinogen. Toluene has been known to effect the nervous system and cause dizziness, headaches, eye irritation, nausea, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, and liver and kidney damage. Phthalates has been linked to productive issues if exposed to pregnant women. Sprout’s Ingredients: Waterbase acrylics copolymers, some colors may contain mica, titanium dioxide and a variety of lead free pigments. Water is a major component in our nail polish. The acrylic polymers are biologically inactive. In short, these ingredients are not absorbed by your body. Therefore safe to use and safe if ingested.

Because of these differences, Sprout products are suitable for children, pregnant women, and anyone concerned with traditional ingredients!  I’m happy to learn about safer options for my little girls and myself!

And like I said before, these aren’t just made in colors for little girls.  There are plenty of colors I’d love to wear myself, like Coral & Midnight Navy!

If you want to check out Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish for yourself, head on over to the Etsy Shop PageSprout has generously offered an exclusive discount for my readers for 30% OFF your purchase!  Just enter GREEN30 at checkout!  This code is good through July 15th!

Also, make sure to “like” their page on Facebook to be entered to win regular free polish giveaways!

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