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Thrifty Family Finds’ Breastfeeding Essentials List + Freebies!

Breastfeeding Essentials List + Freebies
****This is the the Thrifty Family Finds’ Breastfeeding Essentials List + Freebies post!  It is in conjunction with my previous post, Mommy Tips: What I Wish I’d Known About Breastfeeding Before I Started.

The two posts go together and would have been one post, but it just became too long.**** Anyway, here is my list of essentials for the breastfeeding mom!  I’d love to hear what works for you, too!

Good-Fitting Nursing Bras

You might get one beforehand and get the rest after, since your breasts will change when your milk comes in.  Motherhood Maternity

has some, but I have large ladies so those don’t usually fit in the cups.  I bought some from the boutique store at the local hospital, but if you can’t find any you like, the alterations department at

Nordstrom can turn your regular bras into nursing bras.  Prices vary between stores, so just call your local store to see what they charge.  Don’t forget to get sleep bras, too, as you will need some support while sleeping, and also something to keep the nursing pads in place.

It is really important for your bras to fit well and not dig in, especially under your arms.  Ill-fitting bras can lead to plugged ducts and can become really painful!

Can’t find one you like?  Consider a DIY nursing bra.  I will be trying out this tutorial I found after baby #2 arrives, and I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Nursing Tank Tops/Clothes You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new wardrobe to be able to nurse, but make sure you have “easy-access” tops.  And it’s nice to have a few nursing tank tops that easily snap down to make nursing easier.  Motherhood Maternity has nursing tanks, as well as tops that are cute and functional!

Breast Pads

I like washable cotton nursing pads, but disposable works fine, too.

Right now you can get 10 pairs of cotton reusable nursing pads for FREE + $12.95 S&H from by using code TTF14 at checkout!  This code can be used as many times as you like, and can also be applied to a nursing cover, which I’ll talk about next.

*This code can also be used for 2 FREE Belly Button Bands and 5 FREE pairs of Baby Leggings, as well as being applied to those upgrade packages, too!*

Nursing Cover  There are a few different types.  I have one from which I like, but I’m also thinking about making one like this one I found on Etsy.  It seems super easy. Get a nursing cover for FREE + $11.90 S&H from by using code THRIFTY13 at checkout!  (can also be applied to upgrade package) *This code can also be used for a Free Carseat Cover and a Free Sling, as well as being applied to those upgrade packages, too!*


Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows are nice because it’s hard on your back to hold your baby up constantly while trying to nurse, and you shouldn’t be hunched over, either.  I have a Boppy Pillow and a My Brest Friend Pillow

.  We will see how nursing goes with #2 and which one I like better!

Get a nursing pillow FREE + $11.90 S&H from by using code Thrifty13 at checkout! (can also be applied to upgrade package, making the minky pillow $5 + S&H!)

*This code can also be used for a Free Carseat Cover and a Free Sling, as well as being applied to those upgrade packages, too!*

Fenugreek I talked about Fenugreek in the previous post, and I absolutely suggest every mom-to-be that wants to breastfeed keep this on hand!  It was a supply-saver for me several times!  You’ll know you are taking enough when your sweat and urine smell like maple syrup 🙂  I took 6 a day usually and it worked wonders!


Lots of people like lanolin and other nipple creams, but I love just using coconut oil.  It’s natural, inexpensive and can be used in so many different ways (cooking, diaper rash cream, lotion, moisturizer, nipple cream, and as an ingredient in many homemade beauty products).  It’s also completely safe for the baby to eat.

If you’d rather buy something specifically for nursing, I highly recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby® Natural Nipple Butter.  It’s organic, vegan and toxin-free!

Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump

, but there are many pumps available.  Just make sure that it is a high-quality double electric pump!  Pumps help you not only store milk for the occasional time away from the baby, but also can help increase supply during a growth spurt and help relieve pain from plugged milk ducts or Mastitis.


Now, this isn’t really an essential, so don’t worry if you don’t have one or can’t afford one!  I was gifted a really nice glider and ottoman from my sister.  If not, I wouldn’t have been able to afford one.  But having a nice, comfy place to nurse IS an essential.  So pick a spot and make it your nursing station.  Just make sure it is a place where your knees are above your hips.  This is to alleviate back problems.  Don’t worry if your feet are lower than your hips in your favorite spot.  Nursing stools are fairly inexpensive compared to a brand new piece of furniture, and will help get your knees in the proper position The

above is on sale on Amazon for $129!  Or you can get a

for $31.95!

Basket For Your Supplies

Now, the last step in putting your Breastfeeding Essentials together is having a container or basket to keep things in at your designated nursing station.  Here is a picture of mine:

Breastfeeding Essentials Basket

Contents from left to right, clockwise: Water bottle, wipes, receiving blanket, burp cloths, nursing pads, Fenugreek, small container of coconut oil, extra diaper, blanket. My nursing pillow isn’t pictured, but sits next to the basket.

You could also put in things like books or a Kindle to keep you occupied while nursing.

I hope this helps you prepare for a successful breastfeeding experience!  I would love to hear your favorite nursing essentials in the comments section!

You might also like to check out my post *Updated* Pregnancy Freebies Roundup, which is a whole list of free items you can get for yourself or other pregnant moms!

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