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Up To 60% Off Scribbles Shoes & Squeakers!


Anyone else love baby and toddler shoes as much as I do?

Get up to 60% off Scribbles Shoes & Squeakers on right now!  Starting at $14.99 (regularly $36!), these shoes are not only adorable and high-quality, but are fun for your little one, too!  Some of the pairs include squeakers that make noise when your child walks.  But don’t worry, Moms!  Those pairs with squeakers are clearly marked and the squeakers are also removable!  So if you like the style of shoe, but don’t want to hear squeaking every time your little one takes a step, just remove the squeaker 🙂

Shipping at starts at $5.95, but remember to take advantage of the All-Day Shopping, One-Time Shipping, which can save you a lot on shipping costs.  The All-Day Shopping, One-Time Shipping deal means that once you checkout and pay standard shipping on one order, all additional orders for the rest of the day ship for free!

Note: It looks like Scribbles Shoes isn’t on the main page anymore, but if you type Scribbles Shoes into the search box, it will pop up 🙂

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