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Update: 5-Hour Sale On Signing Time Products Starts At 9am PST!


*Update: The Sale is LIVE!  The site is a little slow, but not bad right now.  If you have trouble, try again in a minute or two.

Here are the deals:

Rachel & The TreeSchoolers DVD + CD – Regularly $24.95  On Sale For $19.95

Potty Time Starter Kit – Regularly $29.95  On Sale For: $19.95

Potty Seat – Regularly $9.99  On Sale For $4.99

Signing Time Complete Series 1 (includes 13 DVDs and 4 Music CDs) – Regularly $249.99  On Sale For $199.95

 *There is a limit of 2 of each item per customer*

Shipping Rates Are As Follows:

$4.99 for orders up to $49.99

$9.99 for orders up to $99

FREE for orders of $100 or more


I’m a HUGE sign language fan!  I’ve spent time working with deaf children, and learned sign language as a child, as well as taking it in college.  When I had my daughter, I knew we would teach her signs to help communicate with her early on.  A friend introduced me to the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time series by Two Little Hands Productions, and we were hooked!  We started watching Signing Time occasionally when my daughter was 9 months, and she quickly caught on!  Her first signs were ‘more,’ ‘milk’ & ‘please,’ but she quickly added more to her repertoire.  Now, at 21 months, she knows over 250 signs, including colors, letters, animals, foods, sports, and much more.

I’ve heard people say that they are concerned that learning sign language will hinder their child’s verbal skills.  I can only speak to my own experience, but I credit Signing Time for my daughter’s early verbal development.  She is incredibly vocal!  Sign language helped alleviate much of the frustration that C had when she knew what she wanted to say, but I couldn’t understand her.  I would ask her to repeat herself, and often times she would sign as well.  This helped there to be less meltdowns from frustration.

And because C is familiar with the characters in the Signing Time & Baby Signing Time series, we purchased the Potty Time set to start teaching her to use the potty.  It has been so helpful!  She recognizes that Hopkins, the frog, is learning to use the potty in the DVD and book, and even takes her stuffed Hopkins to use the potty.

Anyway, that is all to say that I’m very excited about Two Little Hands’ 5 Hour Earth Day Sale today!  All Signing Time products will be between $5 – $50 off!  The sale starts at 10am MST (9am PST).  I will keep you posted on specific items that are on sale once the sale goes live.


I love the wide variety of products available.  Besides Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVDs, there are board books, flash cards, music CDs, potty training products, preschool curriculum, and teacher packages.  There are even specific bundles for Autism support and Down Syndrome support, too.  Check out all the resources available at

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