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Washable Nursing Pad Review + Freebie!

So, if you’ve read either of my posts *Updated 6/19/2013* Pregnancy Freebies Roundup or Thrifty Family Finds’ Breastfeeding Essentials List + Freebies!, you’ve seen the offer from Udder Covers to get 10 pairs of Reusable Cotton Nursing Pads for FREE + $11.85 S&H.  I used reusable nursing pads with my first baby, so I was interested in trying these out.  I still have the NUK brand reusable nursing pads I used with C and they work fine, but weren’t the greatest quality.  I also have some from Etsy that are awesome, but way more expensive!

I ordered my free set (+ S&H) of the Udder Covers brand nursing pads, and I’m REALLY impressed with the quality.  They are 5-layers thick and incredibly soft, especially compared to the NUK ones I have.  And they seriously rival the quality of the handmade ones I bought on Etsy for a small fortune, and are actually softer and bigger than both brands.  Bigger might not sound that great, but I’m thrilled they are bigger in diameter.  Because the nursing bras I have are soft cup bras, I had problems wearing thinner shirts because there was an obvious round circle showing through my shirts from the nursing pads.  I’m hoping the bigger diameter will make them blend in more then the smaller ones!

Anyway, if you’re looking to try out some washable nursing pads, head on over to, add the set of 10 pairs to your cart and use code THRIFTY13 at checkout to deduct the cost of the set ($34.90) from your cart!  You’ll only pay shipping and handling!  Even with S&H being $11.85, they still end up being cheaper per pair then the NUK brand I got at Target.  Here is a break down of the cost:

NUK Reusable Nursing Pads

Box of 3 Pairs

$3.99/box at Target


Udder Covers Reusable Nursing Pads

Set of 10 pairs

FREE + $11.85 S&H


Note:  The code THRIFTY13 can be used as many times as you like in separate transactions.  You can also use the code THRIFTY13 to get a Carseat Canopy, Nursing Pillow, Sling & Nursing Cover for FREE + S&H as well!





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