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Woombie Swaddlers: My Review + Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Clearance Sale!


I’m in the process of creating a post with my top baby must-haves.  Most of you know that I’m pregnant with my second, and since I’ve gone through this once before, it is easier for me to narrow down all the baby products to what are really essential.  The Woombie Swaddler will be on that list of must-haves, but I couldn’t wait to post about it because they are having an incredible sale right now (more on that at the end)!

We’ve all been taught that swaddling is essential for a newborn to feel safe and secure, just like they do in the womb.  Swaddling also helps prevent the “startle reflex” from waking the baby up.  You know, when they jerk in their sleep and end up waking themselves up?

But trying to wrestle with blankets to get them swaddled properly can be tough, not to mention, takes time when you are first learning.  Other swaddlers we tried would work for a bit, but the velcro closures would open up once C was slightly stronger.  The Woombie is a life-saver for new parents, and C slept her best when in the Woombie.  I will use them with this next baby, too.  They are so easy!

The Woombie meets all safety standards, was created by a Nurse/Mom and is pediatrician recommended.

Features I Love:

  1. Easy to clean – machine wash & dry

  2. Zipper makes it so easy to put on baby

  3. Can unzip from the bottom to keep baby’s arms swaddled while changing diapers

  4. Super cute designs/colors to choose from

  5. Helps baby regulate their temperature while sleeping

  6. No blankets to get unraveled and cover baby’s face

So, onto the sale!  Normally, Woombies retail price starts around $25 and go up from there depending on the style and design.  I’ve gotten some on eBay before for around $20, but they were used.  So, I checked out the Woombie website today and they have a sale section with Woombies for $18.99!  Pretty good, right?  Even better, the sale Woombies are Buy 1 Get 1 Free of the same kind!  That makes each Woombie cost only $9.50 + shipping!  Even with shipping, the cost was about the same as one regular-priced Woombie, and you get two!  Check them out (the sale link is on the top right of the page)!  They are adorable!

I’m ordering a few of the Raspberry Original Woombies for the new baby with Paypal money earned through the Ibotta & Endorse apps on my phone.  Don’t know what those apps are?  Check out my previous review here.

original raspberry on line

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