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Smartphone Apps That Make Life Easier – Week 3 – Ibotta & Endorse

This is week 3 of the series, Smartphone Apps That Make Life Easier.

If you’ve missed the first two weeks, you can read about Week 1: Notifications for Craigslist and Week 2: Grocery I.Q.

The previous apps I reviewed can save you money and time.  This week, I’m highlighting two very similar apps that can make you money.  That’s right, I said they can MAKE YOU MONEY.  🙂  Who doesn’t love making money?  Especially easy money?

The two apps are Ibotta and Endorse.  Both make you money from purchases you are already making.  These are mostly grocery-product driven, but sometimes there are offers for gasoline, restaurants, toiletries, diapers, etc.


Available on iPhone and Android

How it works:

Check out what offers you have, buy the items you want at the store you select, scan the item’s barcode with your phone, then upload the receipt.  You can earn credit not only for purchasing the item, but also for taking a quick poll about the item and for sharing things on Facebook.  You can also earn by sharing Ibotta with friends.

One helpful feature of the Ibotta app is the option to scan the item you are considering buying right there in the grocery store to make sure it is the correct item for the deal you want.  It will tell you right away if the product you want to buy qualifies for the Ibotta offer.

I also like that when you claim an offer, Ibotta automatically replaces it with a new one.  More opportunities to earn cash!

How to sign up:

Visit Ibotta online first to sign up.  You will receive a confirmation email.  Once you have confirmed your email, download the Ibotta app to your mobile phone and sign in.  Simple, right?


Available on iPhone and Android

How it works:

Each week you will have a set number of offers waiting for you.  If you purchase something you have an offer for, simply upload your receipt and indicate which offer you purchased.  Within 1-2 days, the money will be credited to your account!

How to sign up:

Visit Endorse online and sign up.  Then download the app to your smartphone and view your offers!

I like Endorse because the offers are not just for grocery items.  Sometimes there will be offers for gasoline, diapers, restaurants, etc.

These apps are similar, but have enough differences that it is worth it for me to have both on my phone.  Plus, it doubles my chances of earning cash back!

Tip: If you wouldn’t normally buy the item, or if it isn’t something you’ve been wanting to try, it really isn’t going to earn you money.  Just some “food for thought.”  🙂

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